The Greek Scientific Apitherapy Center (GSAC) was founded on November 2003, aiming to support the study, documentation and demonstration of the therapeutic qualities of apitherapy in human body.

Apitherapy, is a new field of study worldwide and the bee products (honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, bees wax and bee venom) are used in medical treatments and in medicines. The old Greek tradition in apiculture, the ancient use of bee products for healing purposes and the love for the bees, guided the constitutive team to create the Apitherapy Center.  

The Greek Scientific Apitherapy Center is a non profit and NGO, based on voluntary participation and consists of sections, structures, networks, working groups and international members. Each nutritionist, pharmacist, medical doctor, agronomist, biologist or other scientist who wishes to participate or simply to improve his knowledge on apitherapy can become a member of the Scientific Commission of GSAC with just a simple application. Accordingly, each beekeeper, can be a member of the Beekeepers Commission and the individuals - friends of the bee or Apitherapy can become members of the Commission of Friends of Apitherapy.

The G.S.A.C. organizes the annual Greek congress of Apitherapy and a session of seminars for health scientists (nutritionists, pharmacists, physicians, etc.),as well. Added to that G.S.A.C. issues “MELIAMA” magazine with subjects relevant to the healing properties of bee products.

The G.S.A.C. is a member of Apimondia, the global organization for the bee, the American Apitherapy Society and the Organization of “Bees for life”, which is a non-profit organization dealing with the humanitarian work.

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