Meliama magazine, is currently the only one published on the specific topic in Greece. Since the first issue, its ambition was to become the ground for the Greek and foreign scientists working on apitherapy to express their opinions & exchange knowledge, and also to be a “spring” to spread the use of bee products for therapeutic and nutritional purposes further more.

With the creation of the e-Meliama, we are giving once again the opportunity to all of you to read it for FREE, contributing in this way both in the original purpose of the Greek Scientific Apitherapy Center, which is to share the valid & documented information for the therapeutic effects of the bee products. Sign up here to receive Meliama at your e-mail address.

In March 2009, MELIAMA was first published on internet. e-Meliama, as we named it, was sent to 100,000 recipients via e-mail in Greece giving the opportunity to all interested parties to come closer to us and to be reliably informed about this creature called bee.


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